Oracle (Siebel Systems) CRM Comparison

a la recherche du mec parfait Out of Contact Managers, Sales force automation software tools where born, before CRM software allowing everyone in the company that deals with prospects and customers to stay connected and know where everything they needed was. When enabling better Customer Relationship becomes the center sales technology and process your people naturally become aligned.


  • Oracle has three Siebel products in this area: Siebel Contact Center, Contact Center Anywhere and Call Center On Demand. We evaluate the Siebel Contact Center in this Magic Quadrant:
  • Siebel CRM is the lead Oracle application for CRM. It has a commanding role in the future design of Oracle applications, Fusion and Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • The Siebel line continued to have a steady stream of releases in 2007. In addition, Siebel 7.8, Siebel 8.0, Siebel E-Billing 6.0 and Siebel CRM On Demand R.14 are in general release. Gartner expects Siebel 8.1 to be available in full general release by year-end 2008.
  • Oracle\’s Siebel products have built-in customer service analytics with a dashboard of real-time contact center metrics.
  • Oracle offers a combination of deployment options, such as on-premises or hosted, with the option of bundled telephony infrastructure.


  • Clients in insurance, credit-card banking and distributed customer service centers have voiced concerns about the complexity of Siebel as a core application from an implementation and integration perspective relative to competing products.
  • The slow pace of adoption of the growth of Call Center On Demand (SaaS version) points to apparent, continued weakness in the multitenant version of the customer service offering, as seen from the buyer\’s perspective.
  • References aren\’t widely available (that is, multiple geographies and multiple industries with industry-specific functionality) on the Version 8.0 product (released in February 2007) for complex call center environments, such as insurance claims, and high-volume telecommunications technical support.
  • Limited impact is evident in helping clients adopt Oracle Siebel product innovations (new software versions and new product adoption).
  • When customization is required, a strong commitment to training dedicated resources must be made by the IT organization and the business.