SAP CRM Comparison

click over here now Out of Contact Managers, Sales force automation software tools where born, before CRM software allowing everyone in the company that deals with prospects and customers to stay connected and know where everything they needed was. When enabling better Customer Relationship becomes the center sales technology and process your people naturally become aligned.

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SAP CRM Comparison


  • The newly released SAP CRM 2007 interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • SAP\’s commitment to its product line and its viability are evident through improvements in tools and tactical acquisitions (for example, Ingeneo and Wicom).
  • It has a strong understanding of the B2B customer service processes of its SAP Business Suite installed base in manufacturing and logistics services, and it is improving its understanding in utilities.
  • SAP supports end-to-end processes, such as bill of material, parts master, account and service ticket.
  • It has adequate internal development support for key customers.


  • Look to the availability of SAP CRM 2007 over earlier versions. It has unproven offerings in decision support, knowledge management, enterprise feedback management and collaboration tools.
  • SAP is largely untested in high-call-volume, large, B2C contact center environments, where voice over IP and CTI may be required.
  • Its SaaS delivery model is not gaining traction.
  • SAP\’s development tools on pre-2007 versions to extend and customize the application fall behind industry leaders.
  • It has limited support from the major external service providers in the customer service contact center area (for example, Accenture, Capgemini and IBM Global Services).