CRM Comparison Out of Contact Managers, Sales force automation software tools where born, before CRM software allowing everyone in the company that deals with prospects and customers to stay connected and know where everything they needed was. When enabling better Customer Relationship becomes the center sales technology and process your people naturally become aligned.

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  • offers B2B, low-call-volume CSS centers in its installed base.
  • It has an excellent GUI, simple design tools, intuitive navigation and a good understanding of the importance of Web communities.
  • It has strong investments in future customer service products.
  • has a large number of small regional professional service partners for setups and deployments.
  • Its SaaS delivery model lowers initial costs and speeds time to deployment.


  •’s lack of an on-premises software model may make it difficult for some prospects concerned with the conformance to security models in some industries, such as banking, healthcare and government.
  • The vendor is largely unproven in large, complex, retail, B2C contact centers (that is, large-scale, high-volume call centers where processes must be continually synchronized and monitored, such as retail banking, loan origination, insurance policy administration, bill processing and fraud management.
  • Without owning the customer master, product master, pricing, inventory or other key asset information, it is questionable what the long-term disposition of’s product will be for customer service.