RightNow Technologies CRM Comparison

Out of Contact Managers, Sales force automation software tools where born, before CRM software allowing everyone in the company that deals with prospects and customers to stay connected and know where everything they needed was. When enabling better Customer Relationship becomes the center sales technology and process your people naturally become aligned.

RightNow Technologies CRM Comparison


  • Based on user feedback, the cost to deploy and run its customer service application is 40% to 200% lower than the customer service offerings in an average large enterprise application supplier implementation.
  • RightNow Technologies offers a full complementary set of Web self-service tools and capabilities that can be integrated into the contact center.
  • It offers consumer-oriented, customer-service contact centers, except where the need is for a combination of many agents, high transaction volume and complex legacy (for example, fraud, banking systems and reservation systems) integration.
  • RightNow Technologies has industry domain expertise in higher education, government agencies, retailers and consumer electronics.
  • Its product is offered in a SaaS delivery model, but allows for an on-premises model if required (for example, government, healthcare and outsourcing).


  • RightNow Technologies has improved, but still limited, third-party professional service resources for organizations that require significant change management as part of an engagement.
  • The vendor is not a natural fit historically as the contact center desktop for large and complex centers (for example, telecommunications, insurance and banking), or for complex trouble ticketing/depot repair where parts and logistics are critical.