Oracle (E-Business Suite) CRM Comparison

single party silvester hamburg Out of Contact Managers, Sales force automation software tools where born, before CRM software allowing everyone in the company that deals with prospects and customers to stay connected and know where everything they needed was. When enabling better Customer Relationship becomes the center sales technology and process your people naturally become aligned.

Oracle (E-Business Suite) CRM Comparison


  • Linking tasks into longer processes is possible using Oracle\’s BPEL Process Manager.
  • Oracle has a broad offering for established Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) customers (for example, extensions are available for enterprise search, e-mail, scripting, iSupport and contracts).
  • Oracle has a firm understanding of business processes in B2B capital/high-tech equipment vertical industries.
  • Oracle product developers received high marks from clients for their responsiveness.


  • EBS has limited capabilities in predictive real-time offer management, business process modeling and in-line marketing.
  • Oracle does not have a strong focus on B2C environments (such as telecommunications, insurance and banking) or other high-volume retail contact centers where CTI options are necessary.
  • Users report that iSupport (the Web-based application) can be awkward to use. The form-based graphical interface of the TeleService application is nonintuitive and inflexible; however, it is an efficient tool.
  • EBS has limited support from large integrators or business consultancies, and few strategic partnerships with third-party software providers in the CRM space. Oracle professional services are competent, but adherence to project timelines must be monitored.
  • No references were available to demonstrate a multitenant SaaS.