Go Global: Go CRM

Large or small, all businesses share a common goal. Regardless of their size or location, all businesses want to attract and retain market share that will enable them to maximize their earnings. Most businesses also know that, in order to be successful in an increasingly global and competitive market, they need to be different from the competitor. They need to become more client-facing and more knowledgeable about their customers. They need to do all of this while keeping costs at bay. This is the environment that defines the 21st century digital economy of short attention spans, capital mobility and growing consumer expectations. If you’re in the business and professional services industry, this means adopting agile practices and innovative solutions that put you ahead of the competition.

In order for a business to reach its full potential, it must use technology to its advantage. Technology is what enables companies to stay competitive in an environment where cost reduction and economies of scale have never been more important. At the same time, technology allows companies to better organize their workflows, business processes and marketing strategies. The most successful company will be the one that uses technology to find out more about its customers and predict their future behaviour.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the technology that can help bring any business to its desired future state. CRM enables businesses to get the most out of their IT solutions and maximize productivity while reducing costs. As the business and professional services industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, a firm’s ability to track events, monitor sales opportunities and provide outstanding client services are ever more critical. CRM for business services meets these challenges by offering a fully centralized and integrated solution that coordinates all aspects of the organization, including research, customer services and marketing.

CRM for business and professional services allows you to:

  • Enhance collaboration across your organization;
  • Improve communications both in-house and externally;
  • Strengthen your data collection and business intelligence;
  • Shorten the sales cycle; and
  • Increase client retention through personalized services.

CRM is a universal platform. It’s an enterprise-level solution to managing all of the challenges and opportunities the market has to offer. In such globally competitive market, business and professional services CRM gives you all the advantages your company deserves to raise its profile and attract more business.

If you’re a business or professional services provider, you need powerful tools to improve your customer acquisition and retention practices. You must be able to not only sign contracts, but renew them as well. You need a coordinated system that manages your diverse clientele, including partners, stakeholders and customers. You need multichannel customer service options that match the needs of your business. Ultimately, you need a solution that is scalable—one that can grow with your company in its quest for new markets. By integrating the power of advanced technology with what we already know about business, CRM gives your company all the bells and whistles it needs to capitalize on its opportunities.

CRM offers the professional services industry with best-in-class technology and integration. It’s the missing link your company needs to become a global enterprise.